How technology can be used to help caregivers today?

An elderly person living at home and/or in loss of autonomy is never safe from a fall or an accident.

Statistics have shown that:

  • 41% – seniors merely shifting their weight  improperly, throwing off their centre of gravity;
  • 25%  caused by a foot getting caught on a  table or chair leg;
  • 21% were caused by trips or stumbles.

In fact, according to the website of the Technology for Injury Prevention in Seniors (TIPS) program, there are over 90% of hip fractures and wrist fractures, and 60% of head injuries in our Canadian senior population.

Stubles, trips and other causes are more frequent than we think and can happen to anyone at any time.  So, the question is, when this happens what type of device exists for our seniors?  How can we get help for them as fast as possible?

We believe that we found a solution to relieve some of the anxiety for the caregivers :   A system that automatically detects risk situations using behaviour analysis software which processes information recorded by one or several cameras.  Please watch this short video that was aired in France recently:

Technology and Home Care

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