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Video Vigilance – EDAO

The aging of our population represents an improvement but also a major challenge and technology will play a huge role in the coming years.  In this article we would like to briefly compare different technologies and solutions that exist.

Technologies aim at bringing safety and security to elders and giving peace of mind to caregivers. Some « Fall Alarms » which « alerts the caregiver immediately when the person is getting up », being too preventive, may highly solicit caregivers and bring more anxiety by warning them each time an action is undertaken by the loved one, instead of giving respite.

Personal emergency response systems (PERS) can be very useful but unfortunately they are not adapted to people who do not want to be stigmatized and to people who are affected by neuro-degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, since they are not able or just forget to press the button.

Finally, Home Monitoring Systems are very smart technological solutions which do not require the beneficiary to take any particular action such as pressing a button, remembering to wear a bracelet, etc. Nevertheless, the sensors used by the existing companies are motion detectors, door sensors, temperature monitors, bed sensors, etc. : they are not precise enough to detect quickly and reliably a fall. How long does the system take to detect a fall? Is it 100% sure that there is a fall? Using deviation of activity patterns relies on a slow time scale, whereas a fall is a quick, instantaneous event.

That is the reason why Link Care decided 6 years ago to develop and provide a video-vigilance software called EDAO, which gathers the benefits of those solutions without their drawbacks.

EDAO relies on video sensors and intelligent software capable of tracking the person in his/her environment and analyzing his/her movements and actions. Through encrypted images, EDAO calculates in real time the position of the body in the room and is capable of detecting instantaneously an abnormal occurrence such as a fall, an irregular behavior, a risk situation, etc. In the event of a possible emergency detected by the software, and only in this event, the footage is immediately made accessible to a Vigilance Center that confirms or not the necessity to intervene. Consequently, only confirmed alarms are sent, ensuring safety and peace of mind to both the resident and their caregivers, while respecting ethics and privacy since the video is fully encrypted. For the moment, EDAO is commercialized in Europe and Canada.

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This text was written by Benjamin Leboime, Link Care Canada.
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